About Us

My Boss Budget Coach was established  to assist individuals with achieving financial goals through budgeting, specifically focusing on home buyers. My Boss Budget Coach provides an array of products and services including:




Personalized Goal Based Budget Plans

Coaching Sessions

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Meet The Founder

LaShandra Butler is Founder and CEO of My Boss Budget Coach, a company established to  assists individuals with achieving financial goals through budgeting, specifically focusing on home buyers. With a strategic budget as a guide, clients will meet their financial goals quickly and purposefully.

Before starting My Boss Budget Coach, LaShandra worked 10 years in finance, budget, and accounting. After successfully helping others with personal finances and budgets it became a passion.  Just 6 years ago, LaShandra was challenged with personal finances, budget, and credit. After being given the run around and getting declined for a home loan, she knew it was time for a change. With her drive and determination to buy her first house, she decided to put her best foot forward and apply all she had learned professionally to her personal situation. Within 90 days, she put together a budget plan to cut unnecessary spending, increase savings, and minimize debt. Carrying out her plan, she doubled her savings account balance, paid down debt, and boosted her credit score by 74 points. After buying her first home she took her experience and decided to document the process, research, and study. Now she is a 2nd time home buyer and has energetically completed the entire process in less than 30 days.  After these accomplishments, she decided she wanted to help more than just her inner circle. Seeing what she had done so swiftly and strategically, she was motivated to start My Boss Budget Coach to help others. She desires to reach and help as many people as possible.

LaShandra is a wife, and mother of three that enjoys spending time with family, comedy/laughing, and reading. She has always loved helping others and she wants to help you too!